Winans & Associates


Brenda and Brendan Winans are licensed professionals that offer a comprehensive suite of real estate services.  They operate as a team that provides a high degree of freshness and relevance in their approach to customer service.  One of their top priorities is to stay abreast of current trends and regulations in the industry, enabling them to navigate with confidence the complex and evolving real estate environment on behalf of the client. As important as providing solid professional expertise is their relationships with their clients.  Brenda and Brendan believe that building a partnership with each client makes all the difference in  the client’s real estate experience.  They focus on ensuring their accessibility, open communication, responsiveness, and process transparency.  Bottom line?  This team will achieve the results their clients seek through a collaborative approach that is both positive and rewarding.  Brenda and Brendan have broad expertise applicable to both individual and corporate real estate needs, and their business can accommodate a growing and loyal clientele.